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Customers Share Bear Bait & Hunt Photos

September 2017 – Tony in Idaho
Bears coming in on Tony’s trailmix. licorice. and honey baits. Tony wrote us “They love the stuff you sent me!”

black bear captured on game camera
black bear finds bait pile
Black bear leaving bear bait pile

October 2017 – Tony in Idaho
Over 5 weeks, I got around 600 photos of bears and other game and nongame around the baits I had. I only sat with my rifle 3 times and only one of those afternoons was what I would call ideal . . . I was having so much fun baiting and learning to bait, learning my trail cam, walking my dog and looking that the ‘getting’ part did not cross my mind much, so I didn’t take one. I had bears coming in every day. Also, for grins, take a look at the snow we had on 1 Oct in these pics here.

Black bear in Idaho light snow
Bear rummaging bait pile in snow