Bearsbait.Com offers a wide variety of bait items, such as candy, bear cover / bear attractant scent, pie fillings, trail mix, icings, jellies and so much more. Call or e-mail for customer order pickup options for our bear bait items. Please note that all items are for ANIMAL CONSUMPTION ONLY. Availability of items and prices are subject to change without notice.


The items below are what we currently have in stock. For a quick overview of what items are new or are expected to arrive in the near future, check out our "What's New" page. If you're looking for something particular for bear bait, contact us so see if we can find what you're looking for.


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Our current full listing of bear bait for Sale Unit $USD per Unit
Bear spray cover/attractant scents: raspberry, blueberry, jelly donut, hickory smoke, bacon, wild cherry, strawberry 32 oz spray bottle 24.00
Caramel 5 gal pail 18.00
Caramel bag-in-box
45 pd
12.00 ea or 3 for 30.00
Cherry slush mix 1 gal jug 10.00
Circus peanuts approx. 30 pd box 10.00
Granola (loose flowing)

bulk tote per pound

55 gal drum



Jelly beans 22 pd box 10.00
Licorice approx. 40 pd bag in box

6.00 ea or 4 for 20.00

Maple syrup

5 gal pail


Peanut butter

5 gal pail


Sprinkles 6 pd box 3.00 ea or 4 for 10.00
Strawberry filling

55 gal drum


Strawberry or vanilla bag-in-box *LIMITED QUANTITY*
45 pd

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